Photographing maternity

Expecting a baby is one of the most magical times in a woman's life.  A special moment in time where mama and baby are completely in tune with each other without the noise of the outside world. The tiny kicks, the hiccups and the acrobatics your tiny one is doing inside your belly are some memories that you will always remember.

Documenting your pregnancy is a wonderful gift for yourself, and your little one. It shows that sweet little baby how much they are loved, even before you even met them.

Pregnancy is such a fleeting stage of life, and a stage that we as mothers we always look back on. It's a time where it is just you and your baby, your hearts beating as one. You will only be pregnant with this child this one time. Your child's story starts with them in your belly.

Whether this is your first pregnancy, your last, or anywhere in between, this beautiful time deserves to be documented and remembered. So that one day, you can sit down with your child, and while looking through your portraits