A Mother's Perspective-Kindergarten is approaching | Loudoun County Child Photographer

As I sit here, one week before kindergarten approaches for my first born, I can't help but be a little sad.

I keep catching myself staring at him, wondering when did he get so big. As my facebook memories floods me with images of him when he was so little, and yet, it feels like yesterday.

I'm finding myself savoring each moment left of our summer vacation, of our time left before this new adventure begins.

 I have been so grateful to have the last five years with him, and though sometimes it felt like it was so long, it went by so quickly. And now, he's about to take his first steps towards independence.

I want to return for a moment those days of holding that sweet ball of chunk. Even the long days filled with a crying colicky baby as we listen to the Mary Poppins soundtrack because only the singing of Julie Andrews could calm him down (and a bit of Plumb too). I want to return to the nights when the house was quiet and we rocked together in the nursery.

I loved watching every minute of him growing and learning and becoming a friend and the best big brother. But I'm feeling a little nostalgic of those moments when it was just me and him. Because in one week, he will be gone for so much of the day. And I have to share him. And I will miss him terribly.

I'm so excited for him. This is such a huge milestone in his life. So I try to hide my tears. They are happy tears, they are. Mixed with some sad tears.

I know I'm not the only Mama who feels this way.

I guess this the essence of motherhood.

So excited for them to grow but wishing they would stay little forever.