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One of my favorite things about photographing children, is capturing their personality exactly how they are. Whether they are shy or silly, a photograph of this moment truly freezes time.

During each family session, I always take some time with each child individually and capture what makes them...them. Each of them brings something unique and special to your family and fills you with more love than you could ever imagine.

Every mother knows the quote,  "the days are long but the years are short". Words have never been more true. As we, as mothers, are often lost in the chaos of the everyday with young children. It is then we realize that we blinked, and our babies are no long babies anymore.

The childhood of our children often defines us as mothers. The memories we have when our children were small are some of our fondest.

Motherhood is a constant battle of wishing our babies would stay babies forever and excited to watch them grow and experience all that life has to offer. Children grow so fast. One day you look at them and they are different. They're taller now, perhaps, or able to do something they weren't able to yesterday. Or maybe, their favorite toy that they couldn't live without over the last few months, is now tossed aside. 

But a beautiful portrait of your child is a way to look back at them and remember exactly who they were at this stage of their life.

And for this one moment, time can stand still and be remembered for always.

clothing borrowed from the studio wardrobe

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