Girl Time at the Beach | Leesburg Family Photographer


There is nothing like the bond between sisters. 

They are each others best friends, closest confidant, allies.

Sisters truly carry each other through life.

If you are lucky to have an amazing sister like these two have, then you are lucky enough!


One of the things I am passionate about with my photography, is photographing motherhood. We, as moms, are typically behind the lens trying to document every milestone for our children and or family, that we often times forget to be in the pictures.

We always make some excuse why we aren't in it, mostly due to how we look. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret, our children do not care what we look like. Because they love us. These moments with them are fleeting. And we can never go back in time to be in the images with our babies. It's so important. Because one day, these images will be the most valuable possessions to our children, and to us as mothers.

This session was supposed to be "just the kids". But we couldn't let an opportunity go by without this beautiful Mama in the images as well.

There is never a wrong time to be in photographs with your children.